Wednesday, 15 October 2008

happiness VS money

Money cant Buy Happiness

MONEY can buy bed, but not sleep;
MONEY can buy books, but not wisdom;
MONEY can buy food, but not appetite;
MONEY can buy medicine, but not health;
MONEY can buy finery, but not real beauty;
MONEY can buy paintings, but not the artistry;
MONEY can buy a house, but not a home;
MONEY can buy luxuries, but not culture;
MONEY can buy companions, but not friends;
MONEY can buy marriage, but not love;
MONEY can buy clothes, but not personality;
MONEY can buy anything, but not heaven;
MONEY can buy tombstone, but not death;
MONEY can buy almost everything, but not the dignity and respect of being who we are!

Meaning of Happiness in Islam: Happiness is a feeling that resides in the heart. Happiness is characterized by peace of mind, tranquility, a sense of well-being, and a relaxed disposition. Happiness comes as a result of proper behavior, both inward and outward, and is inspired by strong faith. Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: "True enrichment does not come through possessing a lot of wealth, but true enrichment is the enrichment of the soul."


Health - Important Tips

Answer the phone by LEFT ear.
Do not drink coffee TWICE a day.
Do not take pills with COOL water.
Do not have HUGE meals after 5pm.
Reduce the amount of OILY food you consume.
Drink more WATER in the morning, less at night.
Keep your distance from hand phone CHARGERS.
Do not use headphones/earphone for LONG period of time.
Best sleeping time is from 10pm at night to 6am in the morning.
Do not lie down immediately after taking medicine before sleeping.
When battery is down to the LAST grid/bar, do not answer the phone as the radiation is 1000 times.

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